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How my services can be used

By merging three skills in leadership, negotiation and communication I offer clients exceptional outcomes that add real value to their business improvement, personal situation or the needs of their people and customers.

    Skill Experience
Facilitator fa·cil'i·ta'tor n.: one whose skill at guiding and encouraging renewed thought among others, increases the likelihood, strength, or effectiveness of a new stream of thinking, behaviour or a response to a set of circumstances.

Techniques based on the Harvard Negotiation format of Principled Negotiation featuring:

Training based on Executive ImpactSM  behavioural decision-making techniques and ethical judgment skills and Genos Emotional Intelligence®managing EQ more effectively to improve leadership capacity and resilience.

Combined with extensive experience as a professional executive business-mentor, writer on leadership and national lecturer / speaker

A very satisfied client-base developed over many years of practical application of my services
Mediator 'mE-dE-"A-t&r n.: one who works to effect reconciliation, settlement, or compromise between parties at variance such that they reach the best outcome for both with which they can move forward.
Speaker speak"e\, n.: one who expresses in language and utterances or who pronounces a discourse that communicates, explains and informs about concepts, ideas and information, clearly to others.

Michael Donovan | Mediator | Facilitator | Speaker | Contact Details

Facilitator, speaker, mc, compere, master of ceremonies, master-of-ceremonies, mentor, trainer, facilitator, moderator, hypotheticals, coach, executive coach, business-mentor, business mentor, winner, cool company awards, events, conference, convention, gig, cool company, michael has a great reputation as a business event, conference and awards presenter, facilitator or speaker. He can compere and can hold hypotheticals. His business, mediation and mentoring background coupled with an arts and entertainment background provide a rich source of background briefing information with which clients get exceptional quality presentations. Michel is a foundation member of the creative skills training council of Asia-pacific Australia,, imentor-pro,,, event connect