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Client Comments

". . . a tremendous success. The sessions gave our people a real opportunity to see the world from a different perspective."
National Financial Association

"Your research and input made the event a success. Great feedback from delegates."
State Government Tourism Agency

". . . feedback from members has been fantastic . . . absolutely delighted to have been able to offer such a high quality Professional Development Session . . . such an important topic, have suggested we run a half day seminar."
Meetings Industry Association

". . . all the requisites of the project were provided . . . additional and extremely useful information over and above the basic requirements of the assignment . . . commend him to any organisation requiring similar advice."
Sydney City Council

". . . your contribution to the adjudication process, your patience and good humour were all very much appreciated . . . value your comments and suggestions, about the judging process."
NSW Awards for Excellence in Tourism

". . . sincere thank you for your support in developing our bid for the Olympic Velodrome . . . valuable and timely advice . . . our submission was greatly enhanced."
Holroyd City Council

" . . . thank you for your efforts . . . met requirements of the brief fully . . . performing to the tight deadline and within budget . . . professionalism and thoroughness stand you in good stead should the opportunity arise to work with you again"
Australian Nature Conservation Agency

" . . . work undertaken has required high levels of commercial astuteness, negotiation and conflict resolution skills . . . work performed has been of a high standard both in quality and professionalism."
National Parks and Wildlife Service

"Your clear and practical approach was commented on by many participants . . . Finishing an (international) APEC Tourism and Environment Symposium on a high point is something that organisers dream of. Our dream came true!"
Federal Department of Tourism

" . . . participants ranked your sessions as excellent . . . particularly appreciated your assistance in solving technical problems . . . benefited greatly from the interactive and practical approach you used."
Australian Conservation Training Initiative

" . . . appropriate to congratulate you on the enormous care you took to meet requirements . . . prominent members of the Asia/Pacific Committee are enthusiastic about using your services for future projects."
International Union of Public Transport

"Your professional skills in leading the Forward Planning Committee towards consensus will enable us to put the 'change programme' into play in line with our original schedule."
Sydney Business Council

" . . . particularly valued your creativity, imagination and your personal skills . . . a gift for working with people and handling the vagaries and paradoxes of policy in Government."
State Transit Authority

"Congratulations and thank you again for a job well done - we have had nothing but compliments."
Organising Committee - National Association